Sunday, 22 February 2009

....Love Vintage<3<3<3

...I'm off to Lincoln today for a shoot with photographer Courtney Louise & Model Kat...I have a love for unusual vintage dresses with massive sleeves & unusual proportions, as they are relatively inexpensive i can re-work them to the look in after, most of which i've never used so i thought the historical backdrop of Lincoln would be perfect!!! Some sweep to the floor with netting @the bottom to create a cloud effect...some with Lace & you cant have a Vintage shoot without a georgous fur coat;-))))) ...will update you all later with behind the scenes pics!;-)

Monday, 16 February 2009

GAGA poseeeeeeee

The Stylist...Courtesy of Damon Baker;-)

Pagan Reigns Editorial.........

...evenin' blogeeeeee's, i'm still buzzing from yesterdays shoot in Birmingham, Part one with Mr.Aaron Frew went really well, he was an absolute pleasure to work & a superstar putting up with the freezing cold! ...the location was amazing! Me & Damon went to explore the grounds of the derelict site, my favourite being the furnest building...really dark & smokey with mounds of corregated roofing collapsed on-top of eachother with light coming through the shattered roof & brickwork...Shell did an amazing job with the make-up-cant wait for you all to see the final series! In the meantime some behind the scenes antics;-)

Aaron, Me, Shell, Damon

Model - Aaron Frew (Oxygen Models)
Makeup - Shell Sullivan
Stylist/Props- ME;-)
Photography & Post Processing - Damon Baker

Friday, 13 February 2009

Devine Inspiration

Gareth Pughs use of unconventional material's wows me everytime, i did'nt think he could better his previous creations, with my favourite being the The Show studio project 'Insensate' in collaboration with Nick Knight as featured in Dazed (image above)
I was bowled over with excitement when i saw his mens Autumn/Winter 2009 collection...still characteristically dark & technically flawless, this time with the use of minimal structure, foil~esk,shiny fabrics with an emphasis on detail,cut & proportion. cadet styleee;-)

More images@,7366


...early post today ahead of a v.busy weekend! Driving to Manchester tonight, disco dancin' on Le rave scene with my partner in crime until saturday for Valentines<3...then the 'mother' of all shoots in Birmingham with two amazing models i've already worked with- We hav a fantastic creative team so cant wait to see all the planning come together finally!!!!
Today is style prep/packing/bubblewrapping/pulling my hair out/running around like a lunatic

>>>>>Preview of the Look & some props i'm using on the day>>>>>> (excuse my bad modelling!) I love the vintage 80's dress i found in Cow, the sleeves are an architectural masterpiece in itself...very Gareth Pugh my favourite designer @the moment;-)

Have a crackin' weekend everyone! <3<3<3

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Acid Junkie

...yes this is my third post of the day-tut*tut* but i'm feeling v.productive & full of fresh ideas ahead of spring/summer '09. I've decided i'm going to concentrate on a brighter/fresher side to my styling, the look i've got in my book recently seems to be looking very dark/edgy/mysterious which is what i love!...for my next shoot i'm even using huge animal horns & skulls (Images up tmrw they are amazing!!!!)

....but i also want to change my direction slightly & reinvent my approach to the fabrics/clothes i'm using- experimenting with different materials??? I hav some shoots planned so cant wait to get creating! Even Mr.Bakers move down to Devon has got my cogs going for all sorts of concepts;-)

I'm loving PEACH at the moment, i predict it will be THE colour to be seen in this spring, as spied in March's edition of Vogue with Aggy Deyn modelling for the Acid Reign fashion story
...i also stumbled across an image (above by hugh o'malley) on a fellow Mmer's page incorporating peach ruffles...Love love love<3<3<3

H&M are launching their stunning new Spring/Summer collection TMRW which i've set up in my branch after steaming 10zillion outfits for the mannequinns;-)

...Chow for now peeps;-)


...just a sneaky peak of sundays location, I love the overgrown/dusty feel to it....i'm buzzing with ideas & inspiration at the moment!

(Photography Damon Baker;-)

Geekdom second post in less that 24 hours! I can see myself getting addicted to this bloggin' malaky;-) Woke up to yet another sprinkling of snow, Looks stunning over the hills from my window, makes me want to jump in it & sledge down the hill on bin-liners like the good old days ***Fun times;-)

I've just finished styling some outfits, that i'm sending down for a shoot in London, the theme being 'Geekdom', I've made some oversized leather bows & teamed them up with some bold checked shirts, glasses & eclectic style braces...should look very cool indeed.


Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Evenin' Lovley Bloggeeeeeeeeee's, So this is my first post on a blog...very exciting stuff;-) i thought i'd let you all inside my lil' world of styling...been a very productive today getting everything ready for my editorial shoot 'Disturbia' with fashion photographer Damon Baker on Sunday in Birmingham (the location is amazing but i'm keeping everything under wraps!)....most exciting of all finding some 4ft Animal Horns & head pieces in a friends attic RESULT!

...So in the meantime heres a lil of pic of me EVER so slightly enebriated on my birthday,
Photography Courtesy of Charlotte Sallay;-)