Friday, 13 February 2009


...early post today ahead of a v.busy weekend! Driving to Manchester tonight, disco dancin' on Le rave scene with my partner in crime until saturday for Valentines<3...then the 'mother' of all shoots in Birmingham with two amazing models i've already worked with- We hav a fantastic creative team so cant wait to see all the planning come together finally!!!!
Today is style prep/packing/bubblewrapping/pulling my hair out/running around like a lunatic

>>>>>Preview of the Look & some props i'm using on the day>>>>>> (excuse my bad modelling!) I love the vintage 80's dress i found in Cow, the sleeves are an architectural masterpiece in itself...very Gareth Pugh my favourite designer @the moment;-)

Have a crackin' weekend everyone! <3<3<3


  1. Those look awesome! im a fan of the puff lol :)

    should look amazing :D!