Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Acid Junkie

...yes this is my third post of the day-tut*tut* but i'm feeling v.productive & full of fresh ideas ahead of spring/summer '09. I've decided i'm going to concentrate on a brighter/fresher side to my styling, the look i've got in my book recently seems to be looking very dark/edgy/mysterious which is what i love!...for my next shoot i'm even using huge animal horns & skulls (Images up tmrw they are amazing!!!!)

....but i also want to change my direction slightly & reinvent my approach to the fabrics/clothes i'm using- experimenting with different materials??? I hav some shoots planned so cant wait to get creating! Even Mr.Bakers move down to Devon has got my cogs going for all sorts of concepts;-)

I'm loving PEACH at the moment, i predict it will be THE colour to be seen in this spring, as spied in March's edition of Vogue with Aggy Deyn modelling for the Acid Reign fashion story
...i also stumbled across an image (above by hugh o'malley) on a fellow Mmer's page incorporating peach ruffles...Love love love<3<3<3

H&M are launching their stunning new Spring/Summer collection TMRW which i've set up in my branch after steaming 10zillion outfits for the mannequinns;-)

...Chow for now peeps;-)

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  1. liking the acid ;)

    yeaa peach is very fresh! :D and very spring/summer like, i agree with you, should be a hit :)