Friday, 13 February 2009

Devine Inspiration

Gareth Pughs use of unconventional material's wows me everytime, i did'nt think he could better his previous creations, with my favourite being the The Show studio project 'Insensate' in collaboration with Nick Knight as featured in Dazed (image above)
I was bowled over with excitement when i saw his mens Autumn/Winter 2009 collection...still characteristically dark & technically flawless, this time with the use of minimal structure, foil~esk,shiny fabrics with an emphasis on detail,cut & proportion. cadet styleee;-)

More images@,7366

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  1. i saw gareth pguhs work when he was on fasihon house, i was awed by how conceptual and froward thinking his work is! he has great design aethetics! ic an see why hes such a big influence at the moment!

    his article in dazed and confused was awesome!